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Friday, 10 December 2010

Duggie's dream - Marillion in your bed

This piece is transitional. Duggie has decided to let you into a secret part of his head…this is his recurring dream. After this we’ll get back into the story…the story we left so many of your human months ago.

Duggie: So, in my dream, I wake up and Fish from Marillion is standing over me. His tangly-rat-tail-like hair framing a welder’s face is making me scrunch up my nose. Twitching it to remove an invisible itch. [“Get to the point Dug…” No! It’s my dream, I’ll go where I wanna! “…ok, ok…cool it.” (Don’t forget, he’s a big lad is Duggie, I’m no messing with him, Steve.)]

Where was I? Oh, yeah, the invisble itch…and so I say: “Oi wot’s your game, pal…hey your Fish, aren’t you?”

Fish: Yeah, yeah, man. My friends call me Del [his real name is Derek Dick]

Duggie: What are you doing in my bedroom?

Fish: I’m not here…this is a dream….my dream!

Duggie: No way – this is my dream.

Fish: If that’s the case, where am I?

Duggie: Dunno, pal. None of my footin’ business! I’m the one asleep here.

Fish: Like hell you are! I’m on tour. I crashed out in a dunken stupor [hey Fish, this is fictional, don’t complain, I don’t mean it…Steve]

Duggie: I thought I could smell ale on yer breath. Look, what are we going to do now, I mean your hair is tickling my snozzle..and you’re hanging around in my bed.

Fish: I don’t know, I’ve never met a fellow dreamer in a dream. What can we do?

Duggie: I’ll count to 5 and we’ll both wake up.

(so Duggie counts to 5 and…)

The lights come up, it’s a full stage show. Maillion, 1984: Fugazi and Script for a Jester’s Tear. They’re also testing out the fledgling Kayleigh

Duggie: This is awesome!

Fish winks from the stage: “never could resist the count…”

(just then a tall figure wearing black robes appears, as if from a bat…”No one can resist The Count)

[…and there we leave Duggie. He usually wakes up at this point. Screaming.]

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