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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

ACDC - If You Want Blood You've Got It

(Duggie takes over the review section and it's me in brackets)

Yeah! ACDC. Bon Scott. Live. 1978. Angus stabbing himself with a guitar on the front cover. Blood. Awright! Whole Lotta - flippin' - Rosie....what's her vital stats...too much, man. Too much.

("Hey Dug," I say.
"What? Why you stopping my flow, Man?" Says Duggie.
"Cos you sound like some adolescent drop out. You're 40-odd. You work in a bank," I say. "You're just becoming 'the man', Man. Man!" says Duggie.
He's much less whimsical, Duggie, than me.)

The crowd are screaming away, first track, side one. almost for too long. Then you can hear the hum of the speakers, like a Quo gig. And a riff leads into Riff Raff, the crowd claps in time. Cymbals crash and there's that excited cheer as the song proper starts. Too much, man. More riffage and a key change, then back to the main riff, some kick drumming and Bon's warbling screech, like an hung over vulture or something.

Used to listen to this one growing up, usually on a Sunday afternoon as me mum whisked the hoover around.

There's a special offer sheet inside this one (just like the Abba album in my posting yesterday. 2/11/09. "Hey," says Duggie, "butt out!"), totally awesome T-shirt, only £2.50. Button badge 35p. Full-colour flamin' poster 55p! All prices inclusive of p&p. Man. Take me back to '78. Now!

All tracks recorded during the 1978 world tour. Drinking. Rock n' Rolling, gigging, recording. Wow, got the album on at the moment...'Bad Boy Boogie'. Yeah, this is the way to live your life.

I like the way the pic on the front cover's totally blurry, too, with Bon chewing the mic as he sings, his arm round Angus as he plunges that Gibson through his stomach. Never before noticed how much the blood on his shirt looks like tomato sauce...

("You finished now?" I say, "Yeah, says Duggie, pass us the flask, I fancy a tea."
"I've finished all the milk," I say.
"Nuts!" says Duggie.
"Hey Duggie," I say, "If you want milk, I'll get it.")

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