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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fishy Interlude by Mr Stickleback

I've got a rather dead looking worm accosting me from the end of an obvious hook. Do they think I was born yesterday?

I'm Mr Stickleback - a stay at home father of many offspring. I know it's less common in your world, but us dads are the home makers down here, thank you very much!

In the river and in the ocean, they usually just abandon their young. The fishes. Let those little eggs fend for themselves. The very idea! Lazy blighters.

Just in case this up here geek-fisherman gets a bit too interested, I flash him me spines. He sees 'em and I clock the dismay in his face, "It's just a blooming Stickleback" I can read his lips.

Ok, we're the most common, probably the least tasty and yet we're the most versitile fishes in these here waters, you know. We even take the ocassional trip to the seaside, oh yes!

Yagger-yagger-yagger (I'm shaking me head)...and I'm free of that stoopid worm and that stoo-oo-oopid 'ook.

Righty-ho. Back to the homestead, the kids are coming back from school soon. Don't want them getting the old 'latchkey' reputation. Ho-hum.

See ya. Oh, and I hope Duggie Chop gives you a decent music anecdote soon. His taste stinks! Phew!

("Oi - Fish - I 'eard that, you...." says Duggie.)

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