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Monday, 7 December 2009

Rehearsals - 'Hair Tom' - 1982 [a kind of interlude]

[Contextual remark - 'Hair Tom' is one of the toppermost early '80s proggers in the Sound of Torpidity movement, centred around the Torpid Emancipator, a record shop, recording studio and general place to hang-out. If this doesn't make sense then you must be a new reader. If so, check out some of the earlier posts.]

[And a contextual remark from Mr Stickleback: "You see, I'm a follower of all things local, you know. But as I am a fish, listening to music can be a problem. I mean, I haven't got any ears for a start. The deep vibes resonate, but, you know, I seriously lose the treble. Anyway. I'll leave you to it."]

[Studio two - up in the roof of the Torpid Emancipator]



"and a 1-2-3-4...?"

[silence] Matt pauses. Mutes the 6-tingling strings of his Gibson by placing his hand across the fretboard. There's something wrong.

Try again Matt [says the Narrator]


Matt pulls his skiiing shades down. "The bastards have gone home!"

[The danger of wearing shades indoors.]

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